Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Season of Firsts

It's safe to say, I now know what it must be like to be the parent of a small child...Since our time back in the US, and presuming it isn't permanent, I am keen to chase as many First Time Experiences as possible-for both Simon & I, though mainly for Simon.

To wit:  This year alone, in no particular order, Simon has:

  • Filed his first US tax return
  • Attended opening night for the Seattle Mariners (a first for me as well)
  • Joined a softball league, and played two games.  Which led to...
  • Visiting the emergency room-just this week..Simon fractured a bone in his arm after falling at said Softball game on Sunday.  OK. That one we didn't 'chase.'
  • Played a game of kickball.  Only one game, unfortunately-due to the aforementioned arm, he will be playing no more.
  • Purchased a house
  • Observed just *how many* prescription drug commercials are on TV (it's not legal to do so in the UK)
  • Started to  just a *little bit*) enjoy drinking an IPA
...and that's just the big stuff.  We do however, still have a few boxes to tick.  Like:
  • Learning how to drive
  • ..and with that knowledge, getting a drivers license.  Just in case.
  • Visiting Alaska and Hawaii (we'll tick these boxes before the end of the year.  woo!)

What else?   What other first time experiences (parents?  Expats?...) should we be chasing for Simon?