Thursday, October 30, 2008

Catching Up

When I logged in just now, I realized it's been almost a full month since my last post. Whew. I've been travelling again (as much as I love to do it, I hope that's it for a while...)-most recently, I've spent two weeks in the Dominican Republic for my annual Habitat for Humanity Global Village trip.

It was a blast (as they all are), and I'll post photos this weekend and properly post on the trip, but I wanted to at least post a quick check in while I had a few mintues to catch my breath.

In reality, there isn't much of 'London Expat Life' to catch up on...My flatmate & I are going to host Thanksgiving at our flat this year the Friday after for some of our American Expat buddies and non-American friends, and we're all counting the minutes until the election results start rolling in late Tuesday night (London time..). A bunch of us are going to get together and stay up until the wee hours with fingers crossed. We figure that depending on how the East coast lines up-particularly Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina determines whether we stay up all night glued to the returns postings, or we'll get to bed around 3a.

Just think. This time next week, we could have a new party at the helm. Fingers crossed!

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