Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Three Days Left

Three days left to sleep in the entire span of the bed by myself.
Three days left to be able to clear my throat and not think about how it sounds to someone else.
Three days left to go to the bathroom and not have to shut the door for privacy.
Three days left to only think about what *I* want to eat for dinner tonite.
Three days left to just think of Simon as, 'my boyfriend who lives on the other side of town.'

Three days left before I get to come home to Simon and ask him in person, 'How was your day?'
Three days left before I won't hate saying goodbye on Sunday nite any longer.
Three days left before I'll no longer wonder if leftovers will still taste OK at lunch the next day.
Three days left before I get to think about the person I'm living with as more than just a roomie.
Three days left to keep thinking about how excited I am about there only being three days left!


  1. Hey Kristina,
    What's the Three Days about again? Came by from Expat Blog London. Will stop by often.

    C K

  2. Hi CK,
    Thanks for stopping by (love your blog, BTW...). Three days left is a reference to the three days I had left before moving in with the British boyfriend ('Simon')...

    Happy Reading,