Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bugger. I mean Booger.

There's no kind way to say this...London is a city of nose-pickers.

Perhaps it's because I'm living in the largest city I've ever lived in-and thus, haven't been exposed to the population size. Perhaps it's because most of my transportation is on foot or on a train/tube, and this is behaviour normally reserved for the privacy of one's own car...but, for Pete's sake...Can we please stop picking our nose in public, people?


  1. Hello and lovely post! Actually, I've been reading through many of your blog posts. I am moving to London in a little less than a month to begin a PhD program. I am both excited and terrified and some of what you write about has helped ease things..or make me more worried (bank accounts!)...but I very much appreciate expat blogs!

  2. Hi There !!

    Nice blog. I have read most of your blogs and you are doing a good job. Can you tell me more about the life in London. How ease it is ?