Friday, January 15, 2010

Liverpool Football

Have no fear:  this blog is not about Liverpool Football (Soccer), technically.  But, rather the fun conversation I just had with a co-workere about the topic.  Bear with me for a moment...

Liverpool Football, typically a good team, has been suffering horribly this season-loosing to teams that are embarrassingly bad, top players being injured, and their manager in particular coming under fire for some very poor decisions.  Please understand: the only reason I know these things is because Simon is a Liverpool fan.

Liverpool lost to Reading two nights ago-a team that's in a lower league, so theoretically, it *should* have been a foregone conclusion that Liverpool would win.  Not so-thus continuing to add to the agony of Liverpool fans for the year.

So, it was kinda fun to get in the elevator this morning, and see a co-worker with his Liverpool coffee mug.  I decided to 'take the piss' (ie give him a hard time) and said, 'should you really be seen in public with that mug after the other nite?'  Now, there are two great things about me making this statement:  A) I'm a girl and B) I'm American.  The combination *should* mean I don't know poo about the sport (for the most part...).  The look on his face when I made the statement to begin with was priceless.  Then I decided to take the piss further and said, 'and, you know it's bad when an American points this out!.'  By then, his mate in the elevator began to laugh a bit, and I then sealed the deal with, 'never mind an American Girl!'

Then, we got to his floor, and  both guys got off the elevator.  And, just as they were exiting, Liverpool Mug guy's mate began to give him serious grief.

Ah, that was good fun.


  1. Nice--my boyfriend still gives me sideways looks when I make a knowing remark about football. I love it!

  2. I don't understand football and have no desire to do so....but I learnt very quickly when I moved to the UK never to criticise the "Beautiful Game" and to never say that I prefer rugby and cricket when in the company of hardened footie fans ;-)