Thursday, April 1, 2010

1st Contact Interview

It's always a puzzler to me whenever I get contacted about doing an interview.  Well, I say 'always' like it happens every day..3 times, really.  Neverthelss it's still a puzzler. :)

A few weeks ago, 1st Contact, a company that specializes in finance and legal issues for both expats and residents pinged me about an interview.  I had a putter around their site-there's actually some interesting stuff on there (note to self:  File for my National Insurance rebate when I leave the UK..), and decided  I'd give it a go.  For the curious-or the bored-feel free to read my interview and post a comment.

1st Contact also posts about more than just the serious stuff:  I think I'll be checking out one of their suggested wine bars this weekend; I'm always on the lookout for a good one, and until this weather gets to the point of me being able to be outside drinking without getting frost-bite, I might as well hole up with a good bottle of vino!

If any of you fellow expat bloggers would like to have your say about living here and have an interview posted on their website-and wouldn't mind providing a bit of free link juice- please contact Paul at Paul(dot)Lombard(at)1stcontact(dot)com.

Happy Reading!

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  1. i was directed to your blog by your interview... very interesting stuff, especially for me who is coming over in September to work in the social work field.