Wednesday, December 1, 2010

In the Public Domain

I've often thought that if I say something outloud to others-in the sense of commit to something-I'll do it. ie I'll have witnesses to my claim, and therefore have to do it. :)

So, it's time to put up.  I've had a goal for several years now of running a marathon by the time I turned 40.  Mind you, I'm not a long distance runner now; in fact, the furthest distance I've ever run has been a 10k-1/4 of a marathon...This was done last year, in preparation of running the goal marathon.  See-being the scardey cat that I am, I have been working up to running a marathon for 3 years now!  Three years ago, I ran my first 5k (after never being able to run more than 2k, and after recoveirng from knee surgery). Two years ago, I ran an 8k. Last year, 10k.  This year was supposed to be the year of the half-marathon-20k.  And, then next year was to be 30k, and the following year, my last year in my 30s, was to be 40k-a marathon.

Well, I've been thinking lately that I'm simply postponing what is hopefully the inevitible, and if I continue to 'prepare', I may just psych myself out of being able to do it. SO HERE IT IS:

I'm going to run that half marathon by the end of the year (never mind that my gym attendence the past year has been horrible...), and I WILL run that marathon before my wedding day next year. 

So, that gives me until April 30, 2011 to do this.  And really, as I'll be heading to the US the week before the wedding, it really gives me until April 22.  And, as I don't really want to be hobbling on the plane as I head to the US, my plan is to run 40k by April 16th.  If anything, this will be good wedding-fitness preparation, right?  Right?...

There you go.  It's out there in the public domain now.  If I decide not to do it now, I'll have to publicly 'fess up, and I'm not one to do that.  No pressure.

Oh, and did I mention that I don't run anywhere but on a treadmill?  I'll run this entire marathon at my local gym.   Should be fun. :)  And painful.  ok.  Now, I'm nervous.


  1. Good luck! I, too, am one of those people who, once it gets out there, can't back out. Then I would look like a wuss if I did! Just put the sweat-towel over the treadmill monitor and run it! Very good goal to have!

  2. Good luck! I have recently committed myself to doing a marathon next year as well! Check out the Paris marathon, it's in April and my friend ran it last year and had a blast. Perhaps a fun last hurrah before you jet off to get married? ;)

  3. God - I just don't understand you people. I mean, I work out and all that, but I hate running and the thought of actually having to put this much work in to something I hate, well....
    BTW - you're mentioned in my current post.

  4. Good Luck! You will feel so good once you cross that finish line. Everything will pay off. I know you can do it!

    Another Expat, Marie ( is training for her first marathon also. it's in Barcelona in March. Check out her training and just her blog in general!

  5. Good luck! I just did the same thing with my school and moving plans for the same reason, if I started telling people what I was doing it would force me to commit to it and stick with it. So far it's worked. I did finally post the actual plan on my blog just this week. :) Good luck to you, I hope the extra motivation helps!