Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dorothy has been Released!

With a huge and teary sigh of relief, I'm happy to report that my friend Dorothy has been released to go back to Doha (and possibly by now, she's home in Vancouver getting some much needed love and attention from her family).
She's a strong lady-stronger than most (myself included)-and it makes me sad to read about her ordeal.  I can't even begin to comprehend.

Ironically, by not allowing her in to report on what was going on in front of the world, Syria has given her unbridled access to what was going on behind closed doors. Hopefully, her article will help continue to keep the spotlight on what's going on there-and though the true purpose of the Free Dorothy FB page, and the twitter account, and all of the newspaper articles, tv coverage, etc is no longer needed....perhaps we can all continue to work for the root of the cause that sent Dorothy there to begin with:  freedom and truth.

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  1. I just watched your friend do an interview on Al-Jazeera and it seems she will recover well from all this with time. It was interesting to hear that she was treated well by the Iranians, I didn't expect to hear that, esp. knowing they were told she was a spy for the US/Israel. Fortunately she's home safe and can start moving forward. :)