Saturday, July 23, 2011

Smooth Move, Laxative!

No, no.  This post isn't what you think it is...

For all of the British-isms I've picked up over the 3.5 (almost!) years I've been in London, I do often forget about the American/Southern-American lingo I continue to spew forth-and many time to my poor husband, who is still learning 'the language.'
Last nite was no exception, and the result was so funny, I have to make note of it.

We were tossing a rubber ball back and forth in the hallway-as us hip, married couples do on a Friday nite-and at one point, Simon fumbled the ball so terribly, I couldn't help but revert to one of my favourite childhood taunts:  Smooth move, Exlax!

The look on Simon's face was one of utter confusion.  So, it dawned on me that Exlax must not be a product that was ever sold here in the UK.  So, I quickly proceeded to explain to him that it was a popular chocolate-flavoured laxitive sold in the US, so the phrase, 'smooth move, Exlax' was meant to imply, well..a sarcasm in someone not being so smooth or fluid in their movements.

He took it onboard like he does many of these things, and we proceeded to keep tossing the ball.  Well, after a few more throws, I too fumbled the ball.

Simon's taunt?  Smooth move, laxitive!

I proceeded to double over in laugher as I dropped the ball.


  1. Hahaha, I do love that expression and have been caught out having to explain it to English people too!

  2. Hi Kristina... this is a different Karen from the one above. Your post made me giggle!
    On a completely different note... I hope it's okay to ask... I will be in London soon (a repeat visit), and I'm looking for non-touristy things to do. The last time I was there, my absolute favorite thing was Spark London. It was so far off the tourist path, and I met some really interesting people. I was able to seek out other interesting, unique and funky things during that trip, and I'm looking for more of the same this time... including a proper (inexpensive) curry. If you or any of your followers have any London faves to pass along, I would be so grateful!

  3. Love love love your blog! It's so fun to read about your adventures doing what most of us Americans only dream of - moving to another country! Thank you for sharing :)

  4. @Serendipity: Thanks! Glad you like the blog. Please check back often. I've been crap lately about updating, but hope to get better shortly.

    @Karen #2: One of my fave places in town to get a curry is Cafe Naz on Brick Lane. And, a general walk northwards on Brick Lane is pretty cool. If you're in East Side London, I'd also suggest Columbia Road Flower Market on Sunday morning. Beautiful, chaotic, and defo a very local experience.

  5. Thanks Kristina! I've been to Columbia Road and it was beautiful. As for the curry tip,I love Brick Lane but never know which place is best... so that helps. I'm staying in a flat near The City, so I will be close to that and some if my other favorite London places. Thanks!

  6. Ah - I hate it when that happens. I took my 8 year old to see Cars to the other day and for some reason they started singing the State Farm insurance song. "Like a good neighbor....State Farm is there". In contect, it was really funny, but we were the only ones in the (British) audience laughing. We probably looked like idiots.

  7. Simon catches on quickly, sort of, how funny!! The visual of this happening is hysterical. :)

  8. Hi Kristina,

    Thank you for your blog! I am also a 30-something who just moved here to London. I am from San Francisco (born in Illinois though). My husband got a job here and I am working remotely for my company from here. It has always been my dream to live overseas too. I have been here for 3 weeks and LOVE it.

    Your advice was really helpful as we were preparing to move, so thanks again. Take care and best wishes.

    Here is our blog if you are interested:

    Amie Ashton

  9. Thanks for the blast from the past! Too funny

  10. Hi there!
    Hope everything's okay with you and Simon with all this craziness going on. Take care and be careful!

  11. You've taught me a new expression. They kind of lose in the telling don't they? I recently learnt another one, which you probably know: "nice sweater, Mrs Cleaver".

    Ask a Brit to explain "Norway, nul points" to you. Or "and here's one I prepared earlier".

  12. @Iota, *my* Brit laughed at 'Norway, nul points'...nice! He looked shocked when I pulled that one out of nowhere.
    @Gennifer6..all good, thanks. after the first few days of craziness, everything seems to have returned to normal. whew