Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How Would You Do?

Just had a bit of a laugh with my English (born & bred) colleague.  One of the local newspapers published sample questions from the UK Citizenship test.

He scored 12 out of 24 questions.  I scored 10. Not too bad relatively speaking.  Kinda interesting to see the kinds of information a Citizen is expected to know (read:  memorize and then forget).

How many did you score?


  1. I got 12. This is depressing. They're going to deport me! (My English colleague took this and got 11. What does that say about either of us?!)

  2. Bloody hell, I'm not even going to tell you how many I got. Stupid questions though.

  3. I got 22/24, but I did just take (and Pass!) the Life in the UK Test last month.

    A few of the questions on the guardian site aren't technically covered in the subject material for the test. Funny though, have made all my friends take it when I was studying- and have YET to meet a Brit who can pass it in one go!

    Looks like there is some studying to be done ;)

  4. I got 13 and i have lived here all my life (56 years. What rediculous meaningless questions. I can't see the point in knowing or wanting to know the answers to 80% of them. Am i missing something....?

  5. @Wissy. Great question! I spoke at length with my colleagues about this test yesterday-to that very point. One of my colleagues is German, and he told me that until just a few years ago, citizenship tests in Germany didn't exist-effectively, anyone could become a German citizen, and in particular didn't have to speak one iota of German. He hypothesized that citizenship tests were created to try to ensure that there was at least some fundamental grasp of the language.
    So, I wonder if the same is true for the UK test too..

  6. Ouch. I scored 11, but I"m not feeling too bad about it if you and your friend only scored 10 and 12. :)