Saturday, February 11, 2012

Yummy in my Tummy

Pardon the self-indulgent nature of this post...It's less about being an expat in London, and more about me wanting to remember two of my favorite places to eat when travelling! :)

In Barcelona...Xaloc...on Calle de la Paja in the Barri Gotic.  Caramelized baked apple with Goat cheese and 'las bombas'...simply incredible.  Torres Celeste crianza wine for 13 EUR (found down the road for 35 EUR).

Carmelized Baked Apple, Salad, and Walnut Goat Cheese

The other place worth mention..Les Chapeliers in Brussels, just right off Grande Place.  We've been there so often now, that the waiter remembers us and calls me by name (and really: who doesn't love Belgian gay diva waiters?!?).  Incredible frite, moule, and 'steak americaine' (steak tartare).   Their sister restaurant, La Rose Blance is just as good, but the servers just aren't as fun. :)

Man, I'm going to miss these places when we move.


  1. My favourite salad ever is very similar to that, you may like it:
    Spring mix, toasted pumpkin seeds, bacon bits, goat cheese, carmelized apples and warm raspberry vinaigrette dressing. I'm sure walnut goat cheese would taste just as awesome as plain, but I can only find plain here. :(

  2. Oh that does sound good!...basically anything with goat cheese will always be a winner with me.

    1. I agree! Goat cheese is one of my favourite things on Earth. Another recipe you might like, I usually make a batch of it and then take some to work for lunch: rigatoni, tomatoes, onion, roasted eggplant, pesto, pepper, and goat cheese. I roast the eggplant in olive oil and when I'm done chopping it to bits, I throw the olive oil from the eggplant into the whole mix, and add a little more. It's really delish and if you make a whole bunch of it, you get at least one night where you don't have to cook! That's the best part for me. :)