Friday, August 24, 2012

Things I Miss About London

Two Random things while thinking about it...

1.  Not that this one should be a surprise, but I miss not having to worry about drinking and driving. I miss having public transport as an easy option to get me home after being out in the evening and having more than a couple of drinks.
As a result, I'm keeping myself fairly sober.  Or sadly, am just drinking in the hotels... ;)

2.  I miss English public loos-and the privacy they afforded.  Proper walls that went to the ceiling and to the floor.  Proper doors that didn't have 2 inches of space in-between the door and the wall.
American public toilets...#fail.  I'd never realized how massive the lack of privacy was when you went to use one (even on trips back here..), but the past few weeks, it's all I can notice when I'm in the bathroom.



  1. Amen sister on both points. Our friends always assume we are worried about parking when we take a taxi to go out. "Oh, you can valet", they say. It never occurs to them that we don't want to drink and drive, and we live in a city where we can literally flag a cab from our front door. Why wouldn't you?
    And yes - I have been posting for years about the American friggin public toilets. I was in one the other day where not only could you see who was in them when you were standing in front of the door, but when you were washing hands at the sink - if you looked right, there was another huge gap where you could see the person sitting on the loo! Aargh!

  2. Are you both "for real"? So many drunks in London due to the fact that they don't have to get behind a wheel and drive home, therefore taking buses and the tube (who has any money left for a cab after the cost of buying a round at a pub) and acting like complete assholes; pissing in the street, cussing, and acting rude/obnoxious.
    Oh yeah and the bathrooms. At least in the states you can walk into most establishments and USE A BATHROOM instead of feeling like you have committed a crime by using the toilet and not having bought anything. The public bathrooms better have complete privacy given the fact that many are pay toilets. The gaps in the door in states bathrooms give us gals that take forever in the stall a reason get done with b.r. business and off the potty to avoid prying. At least it makes me rush.

    1. I could complain about London for days, but in this particular instance, the (Pint) is glass half-full. :)

    2. I guess it all depends on who you mix with and what sort of places you go. In my experience, my British friends and family don't go out and get pissed but they also wouldn't get behind the wheel of a car having had even one or two.

  3. I'm a Brit living in Baltimore and god yes how I miss the public transport in London- so you could just roll out of the pub and onto a nightbus and somehow get home!