Thursday, September 20, 2012


I mentioned on my blog at some point several years ago that anything greater than a 1-inch heel in London was just a baaad idea. 
Well, times have a-changed being back in the US & driving everywhere (the one upside to driving everywhere...).
In fact, the very wedge shoes I referenced in my blog are currently sitting on my feet at work.

Heels on my feet for the first time in 4.5 years.   It's the small things in life... 


  1. When I worked in London with a lot of Americans, you could spot them a mile off as they'd walk to work wearing these massive, gleaming white sneakers with their skirt suits. Me and my English friends wouldn't be seen dead doing this, and either wore ballet flats (not always that comfortable as they have little support) and changed shoes at work or just hobbled about on out higher shoes. Must have been mad.
    PS. Read your comment about kids in strollers, which I thought was interesting. I probably didn't pay much attention to young kids when I was in London, but I did notice here that parents don't make their kids walk half as far as British parents. There are families in my neighborhood who drive their kids less than half a mile to school, which I don't know many people do in England unless they're running late.

  2. Good point on the US parents and their kids. With or without kids, we do seem to have a fear of walking more than a half a kilometer.

    Simon & I walked to dinner Saturday night-not that it's easy given the neighborhood we live in (one of the few sit down restaurants in walking distance), and we were both happy as clams on the walk back.

    I miss walking.