Saturday, January 26, 2008

The List

The List is this piece of paper that I've been keeping at work and use to jot down everything that's been coming to mind that I'll need to do/take care of before I move. Unfortunately, the list keeps growing and not shrinking thanks to the likes of things like this:

Rent Condo (done. whew. Thanks, Jorge!)
Sell Car (not done. but, I've done research to know I'll be selling it to the dealer)
Cancel Gym Membership and Parking
Cancel car insurance (see above: sell car...)
Find Storage (I've thought about it a lot. does that count?!?...)
Go to Dr for full physical exam (let's face it: the UK isn't exactly known for their stellar health care)

And a host of about a dozen or so other items. These are the big ticket items, mind you. I haven't quite worked up the courage to start worrying about the small things like changing my mailing addres on the 16,000 things that I'll have to do that for, or even thinking in great detail about what I *really* want to bring with me to London versus leave in the condo versus put in storage.
I don't have a permanent place yet to live in London. Corp housing for up to 60 days, yes. But nothing beyond that. And it strikes me as really bass-ackwards that I have to already plan on packing up and moving my life to London without knowing one iota about what I'll actually need: will my flat be furnished or not, if it's furnished, will it have *everything*?, if it's not furnished, would my couch even fit?...things like that. No small stuff, if you ask me. And I absolutely hate the thought of deciding to leave my kitchen utensils behind in the US, only to discover that I need them in London-and will now have to go buy new.

It just makes no sense to me. gr.


  1. Great blog glad to have stumbled on it. I am exactly where you were when you wrote this. I moved to Aub Dhabi 3 years ago with nothing but my clothes. Since then my stuff has multiplied 10 fold. I will take your advise to leave all the heavy stuff and hope for the best when I move to the UK in 3 weeks. I had so many questions that you have answered and you are a very good writer. Any suggestions on top 10 places to live outside of central London?

  2. @Travelwarrier, best of luck to you on your move -though, I daresay after Abu Dhabi, London will seem a bit boring!
    If by 'outside of central London' you mean outside of Zone 1 (per the tube map...), I'd suggest checking out Hampstead, Chiswick, Clapham, Richmond, and Islington/Angel. Perhaps even Canary Wharf if you'd work in that area as well. Don't know your budget or where you'll live, but these are good areas that are in Zones 2-3. They're some of the more popular ex-Zone 1 locations, but will at least get you pointed in the right direction.

    Good luck!