Saturday, January 26, 2008

Welcome to my Blog

I'm not a blogger. I started one earlier this year-a topic I was really passionate about-and after a half dozen posts, it became a chore not a pleasure to write a post. Really lame, I know. I'm hoping this one will be different. It will be for a few good reasons-one, because I won't force myself to post weekly, but will instead post when something of note has happened to me that I want to remember, and that I think others will find interesting.

Oh, and BTW, this "something of note" will likely have to do with the trials and tribulations of being an American Expat in London. After many years of wanting to work and live outside of the US, the perfect opportunity finally landed in my lap a few short months ago-thanks to, the company I work for. Lucky, I know-but still the thought of leaving behind a great city (Seattle) and great friends (in Seattle and elsewhere) is a bit daunting. I'm especially keeping this blog for all the great friends that I'll be leaving behind in the US. This will be my way to at least try to keep them in the day to day of my life, evein if I'm not in the day to day of theirs.

I'll be officially moving over at the end of February, so my posts until then will likely be about the crap I'm going thru to get ready for the move. And then once I make the move, my posts will be about my experience working, living, playing, dating (I don't know whether to look forward to this or fear this...) in London-and especially about ALL OF THE TRAVEL that I'll be doing as well.

I'm so stoked, I could pee. But, I'll hold off on doing that until I finish this post. :)

So, cheers, pip pip, and all that other rot that the Brits use. I'll pick it up quickly enough, I'm sure-this is just practice!


  1. Hello I just started looking at your blog and I always like to read the first post! =) I think it's so exciting how things turned out for you moving there and meeting your husband. Happy Blogging!! =)

  2. Add me to your list of new followers. After just returning from my second visit to London, I'm not sure I could handle the culture-shock of an actual move (the nightly TV programming -- at least as offered by our hotel -- was *awful*!), I'm happy to go along for the vicarious ride. Looking forward to catching up on your last three years!


  3. LOL, Bob. I absolutely know what you're talking about! When I first moved here, I thought the TV programming was absolute crap. For better or worse, my opinion has changed over the years. Partially because I've been introduced to some shows that had already come & gone before my move that really are fantastic (take a look on YouTube at The Mighty Boosh or Green Wing), partially because I guess I have started to adapt to British programming.
    Mock the Week is one of my favorites now, and Lambing Live is addictive-even did a post about it last year! And, Episodes-which I believe also came out in the US on Showtime was very well done.
    Strangely, when I go back to the US to visit now, I actually struggle to find anything good on TV-that hasn't already been exported to the UK!

  4. Hello!! I just found your blog- I was googling "american bloggers in london" because my husband just got orders and we should be moving to somewhere called Northwood this December!!! As far as I can tell, it's somewhere near London (I think) so I figured the best way to start was to start blog-stalking a Londoner- and you're the lucky winner!! I can't wait to spend the next few days pouring over your post and to practice saying 'the baby needs a new nappy!' Because yes, I am slightly tacky like that. I'm so excited!!

    1. Hi Jenn,
      Welcome to my blog! Hope you find some of my random observations helpful. :)

      Best of luck to you, as you make your move to London (ish). It was an amazing 4 years I spent in London (literally just moved back to the US 3 weeks ago), and I strangely find myself missing the craziness. Go figure.