Saturday, April 25, 2009

A few photos

A few photos for some of the things I just referenced in the blog...Budapest, and a few funny things I've seen in London recently...

Looking back down at Buda, as we're climbing the stairs up to the Castle.

A few photos from inside the Jewish SynagogueBurial site at the Jewish Synagogue. Though this isn't 'kosher', as these people died during the one of the coldest winters in Budapest during the War, the only option, once the ground thawed, was to bury them in the Synagogue.

Just a random road in Budapest. I thought the buildings were pretty..
As seen at a Tesco (like walmart) in Slough. Open 24 hours? Really?'re closed from 1op on Saturday to 10a on Sunday, and close again at 4p on Sunday. Apparently, the British version of Open 24 hours is different from the US version. :)

Cajun Squirrel potato chips. 'Suitable for Vegetarians,' the packaging says. Seriously. I'm not sure which I find more disturbing: the thought that they *are* suitable for vegetarians or the thought that they're *not.* hm...

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