Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why I love living in London

For all of my moaning, as the Brits say, there are some obvious reasons why I (or anyone) would love living in London...
Just yesterday, Simon & I decided we wanted to 'pop' down to Brussels for the weekend-Monday is a bank holiday here.
So, in matter of minutes, we were booked on the Eurostar, with hotel for one night for the measley cost of £170 per person. How easy is that?!?
Also, another reason I love living here: the 'cultural opportunities.' Last nite, I went to see 'Priscilla Queen of the Desert' musical with a few girlfriends. All I can say is: Pray the show tours where you live! It was fantastic. If you like the movie, you'll love the play. Wow.


  1. Agreed. I love the proximity to continental Europe from London. Eurostar is a godsend. If you can book way ahead (up to three months), the cost to Brussels is a less than £60 per return ticket. Paris, on the other hand goes for £59.

    Well, hope that you enjoyed Brussels. Did you take train down to Bruges while you were there? Bruges is only a short train ride away.

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