Sunday, September 27, 2009

Catching up

It's been two weeks since my last post, and the primary reason, is also the main topic of my post-a lovely 5 day trip to Boston to visit my lovely friend Jen.

What can I say? It was a perfect trip! Surprisingly, the weather was as close to perfect as you could expect (especially for mid-September), Simon & I both had a good time playing tourist, it was great to see Jen and have a proper catch up (and Fiona too!...), and all in all, it was just a good way to spend 5 days away from the insanity that is London. I think we both would definitely go back again-and at 'only' a 6.5 hour flight from London, it was easy and fast to get there. Yea, Boston!
We landed Thursday around 1.30p, and by 3p, were already at Jen's place. After dropping our things off, Simon & I headed to the nearest metro station and went to this cute area of Cambridge called Davis Square. Puttered around for a bit, and then headed back to Jen's where we met up and then headed back out to go to a Boston Red Sox game (YEA!!!). Our seats were good, the dogs were good, the beer was good, and the guys in the row behind us?...Pure Boston!.. Simon & I started fading around 9.30p, so we decided to head back to Jen's.
Simon & I started Friday at Harvard, and the square. Jen took a half day on Friday, and came to join us for lunch. After, we headed out to be tourists for the day-Boston Common, Downtown, general puttering around, with frequent stops for drinks and nibbles. Good times!

Saturday was another puttering around day-after brunch and a quick trip to the grocery store so I could stock up on a few things to bring back, we headed to Little Italy, where we hit a local bar for a few beers while watching some American Footaball. Around 3p, we decided to grab lunch, and then head to Mikey's Bakery to get yummy Italian pastries for dessert. I wasn't stuffed from lunch, but I made the mistake of getting something called the 'lobster tail'-basically, a *large* pastry shaped (and striped) like a lobster's tail, filled with cream. It was delicious, and though I didn't eat the entire thing, by 7p that night, my tummy was *very, very* unhappy with me. So unhappy, that I had to bail on dinner plans to meet up with my friend Fiona, and spend the evening over the toilet. oy. I was fine by 10p (which, as there wasn't a single thing left in my stomach, I should have been!..), but was bummed to have to spend Saturday night of my vacation on the couch feeling icky.
The weather on Sunday was, if possible, the most perfect. We had a luxurious brunch on Jen's back porch-complete with mimosas, and then headed to the wharf where we hopped a boat to Spectacle Island, in the harbor. We simply puttered around the island, hung out, and enjoyed the day & weather.
Around 5p, we headed back to 'land', where Jen headed off to church before meeting up with a friend for dinner, and Simon & I puttered around before meeting Fiona for dinner. Ole! Mexican for the evening. Most perfect fish taco's I've ever had. yum! :)
We had a 9a flight the next morning, so we were back at Jen's and calling it a night by 10p, for the 6am wakeup call.

Oh, and that's one of the other good things about Boston-it's possible to get back from Boston without taking a redeye flight. Double yea!
Since returning, this past week in London has seen the weather gently begin to slip in to the first part of Fall. The weather has been chilly enough in the mornings to warrant wearing a scarf for a few days, but not a coat. At least not yet. That being said, I sat outside in the Mews reading the newspaper around noon today, and I'm fairly certain if I would have stayed out for another 30 minutes, I would have had a touch of sunburn!

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