Thursday, October 1, 2009

10 Things I Love About the UK

1 Pork. Sausage, bacon, roast pork belly with cracklins.... I don't know why, but the Brits know how to prepare pork better than anywhere I've ever been in the US. Ever.
2. Eurorail. In less than a week, I've trips planned via Eurorail to Paris & Brussels. Why? Because it's that cheap & easy.
3. Pub quiz. Not that I didn't play and enjoy pub quiz in the US, but there's nothing like a crazy, old drunk local woman playing pub quiz on a Tuesday night to add some spice the week!
4. Public transportation. As much as it can be inconvenient (weekend closures of lines and stations...), it doesn't get easier than using public transport in London.
5. Proximity to Europe. See Eurorail commentary above...
6. Marshmallows. They're a wee bit crunchy on the outside, unlike the super-soft ones in the US. There's something about the added texture that actually makes them even better!
7. At lunch today, here is the lists of meats that were on the Mains list: Grouse, Rabbit, Pork, Offal, Mallard, Brill. I think there may have been one or two more. Either way, how many of them have *you* had before in the US?...Maybe pork, and I'll bet that was it...
8. The accent. OK. I know I'm completely stating the obvious, but, it's true!
9. Postal service. I think this needs a clarification, as the actual postal service isn't that great. But, due to the small size of the UK, it's entirely possible that I could put something in the post this afternoon, and the recipient-in Scotland, even-would receive it tomorrow. Awesome.
10. Primark. The home of 'disposable clothing.' It may not be high quality enough to last beyond a season, but where else are you going to find an entirely new-and stylish, outfit for less than £15?...Amazing.


  1. Love this list! We're moving in February so it's nice to know fabulous pork products await!

  2. thanks for sharing this... i lived in Ireland for two months and I still wear a lot of the clothes I bought at Penneys (the equiv. to Primark).

    I'm planning on making the move next year - Mayish - and I really appreciate reading blogs of expats that are already living in London!