Monday, November 2, 2009

Anthropologie Opens in London!

Dear Anthropologie,

After months and months of waiting, you've finally arrived in London! I signed up and received your email telling me you had finally opened: a glorious day. I received your next email a few days later saying that 5000 people showed up on opening day! Could 5000 people be wrong? Certainly not! To avoid the mob, I went at noon this past Sunday-right when your doors opened. I wanted you all to myself-or at least myself and slightly *less* than 5000 people. I waited in anticipation for a full week to see you in all of your glory-all three floors of beautiful clothes and housewares and your amazing, inspiring store design. Wow.

And, you did not disappoint! Glorious clothes-all in *American Sizes*-and sized even larger (I think, or was I just giddy with excitement?...) than what I find in Anthropologie in the US! Ah, this could be trouble...

Until I got home, and hopped on your website to look at a few other things and discovered this:

So, tell me this, Anthropologie: Why do you want me to pay £88 for the same sweater I can by in the US for $88?!?!?

Are you f-ing kidding me?

Anthropologie, you were thiiiis close to making me simply sign away a quarter of my paycheck every month. Now, due to your amazingly appaling pricing strategy, not only will I not be spending my paycheck at your London store, I'm going to tell everyone I know about this.

Anthrpologie, it's over between us. You've disappointed me in a way that is simply beneath you.

As eloquently as I can possibly think to say,

Bite Me.

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  1. Eer...That is wrong. Thanks for the heads up on that one. Note to self - stick to buying clothes back in the States when the shops are the same...