Monday, November 2, 2009

Catching Up!

It's been a whirlwind week of All-Things-American!
NFL UK came to Wembley on Sunday (Sunday, Sunday...) Oct, 25. New England Patriots versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Wembley. I was fortunate to go with a pack of friends-and one of the girls (Melissa) in the group kindly offered her place for a tummy-filling brunch feast before we went to Wembley. Long day, though...Simon & I were at Melissa's at 10.30a, and we finally got home at 8.30p. Whew!
But, it was a great day: great brunch, *amazing* weather all day long, great pre-funk 'tailgate' in the Wembley carpark, great seats, good group of folks to go with. All in all...a perfect way to spend a Sunday!

And, then this past Saturday was the most hallowed of American Holidays: Halloween! Perhaps my favorite holiday of the year-and certainly the only day of the year in which I actually like children. :) Another American friend, Carrie had a fabulous H'weenie party-complete with keg o' beer (a huge rarity here in Britan. um, the country that drinks a lot of beer...go figure), and Hidden Valley Ranch dip. hee. A lovely taste of Americana. It was Simon's first Halloween party-he went dressed as a Ghostbuster. I went dressed as an '80s Girl'-which, I guess isn't much of a stretch given the fashion trends that are currently prevailing here in the UK. But, I'm pleased I finally got to bust out some of my costume jewellery that hasn't been worn since literally, the 80s! :)

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