Thursday, February 18, 2010


Not literally, thank goodness.  But, figuratively.

This past Friday, aside from friends & family, I severed the one tie left which had me tethered to the US: the job that got me to the UK.  I served notice to my current company and am leaving to go work at (gasp!...) a British company.

While I am extremely excited about the opportunity that has been presented to me (I do honestly feel that for my industry-ie what I 'do', there is no better place to do it at than London), it has dawned on me that I am now a bit homeless.  It's a bit odd and a bit liberating all at the same time.

Many friends (Expat Americans or otherwise) are a bit surprised when they hear that I'm staying in London-but not going to work with my old employer.  And, I'm surprised that they're surprised.

Has anyone else left their home country with one employer, only to eventually go work for another, 'local' employer?  I wonder if reactions to your move have been the same as mine.'s like one small sub-chapter on my life has closed, but I'm already excited about turning the page to the next story!


  1. It does sound rather liberating and terrifying all at the same time. good luck!

  2. Congratulations on your new job....hope it brings you good things!

  3. Not to be overly nosey, but does the new local job (congrats by the way) mean a pay cut from what your US based company was paying you? I'm in a similar line of work and planning to move to the UK shortly with my husband (a Brit) and had assumed I would probably be taking a substantial pay cut to work in London.

  4. No worries, Anonymous...
    It depends on how you answer the question. Realistically, I haven't been on par with my US salary since I first left and came to the UK two years ago-when the exchange rate was 2 to 1. ouch. In fact, there were times that I was actually making *less* in USD than even before the last job in the US. double ouch. So yes, your assumption isn't incorrect. Sorry.
    This new salary will put me at about par with the US salary I left, and is also a substantial boost to what I was making here (in absolute GBP).
    Good times. I think the banker-boys are the only ones who ever feel like they're rolling in the dough-in comparsion to their earning power in the US.

  5. Have never commented before, but as an ex-expat (repat?) I've liked reading your blog.
    I went over to London with a large consulting company and ended up getting a highly skilled migrant visa after three years and finding another job on my own. I loved it - it felt so great not to be tied to a job that I was thoroughly sick of and to have the freedom to do things like contracting. Enjoy it! Oh and I totally laughed at your smear test story as I got the same shock - and at my surgery in Battersea they gave you a blanket that went over your knees for 'privacy', but I think it was the same one for everyone...eeew!


  6. I'm actually in the same boat... am about to take over my visa and go on to Tier 1 so I can get out of my job. I love London, love the bf, think I still love the industry, but really need a change. I never thought about it from your POV though that I will be completely untethered from the US. It's a really good point and I look forward to hearing more about you and your new experience. Congratulations!