Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Team GB! Team GB!

Er..I mean...USA!  USA!

It's so bizarre being out of the US during the Olympics. I vaguely noticed this during the 2008 Olympics, but, as I'm watching more Olympic coverage for the 2010 in Vancouver, it's become especially noticable.

Local Olympic coverage is focused on the Great Britan team.  And, they suck at the Winter Olympics.  Not trying to be mean, or pick a fight...Merely stating what has already been said to me by more than one Brit.  Anyhoo.  This means that I generally only hear about/see the US as fringe to GB coverage.  Or Canadian coverage, since it seems like the BBC commentators have adopted Canda as their surrogate country for the Olympics. :)

It's all a bit odd.  I think I know more about the GB team than I do the US team.  And, somehow, that just seems weird...

I'm sure it will make World Cup coverage a bit bizarre as well.  Well sort of.  We all know the US is going to get killed in their group.  Oh, and England is in the same group.  Good fun.


  1. As a Canadian over in London, I do appreciate that the BBC seems to have adopted Canada, for it helps me keep track of how my home country is doing. I sadly think this is only because they are the host, though. During Beijing, the Canadians got nary a mention during the BBC's coverage. To be expected, though.

  2. That's the thing about the Olympics - local TV always focuses on their own competitors. American TV always cuts away for 'color commentary' when other countries are competing, even if the other country is kicking ass!