Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Royal Wedding

Though it's been barely 36 hours since the world became aware of the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton, just about every British newspaper, news website, TV name it has already pubicized this as the Wedding of the Century.

Fortunately, since Prince Charles & Lady Dianna's wedding was in the 1900's, it's a legitiate claim! :)

Speculation abounds about this being the 'positivity' that the British public need to see themselves thru the tough times ahead (see previous post on 'Austerity'....).  More cynical people like myself probably just think it will be an on again, off again distraction for the next 6-8 months that well, after this week, will simply be sucked dry by every media/marketing outlet in an attempt to make some money.

Regardless, as Simon was quick to point out while watching the news last nite: if the Royals even *think* about spending public money on the wedding (technically a possibility since a portion of tax that every UK person pays goes to the royal family...), the ensuing kerfuffle would probably be more entertaining than the actual wedding itself!

Stay tuned.  I'm sure it's about to get interesting...


  1. It will ultimately be fun to watch, but I agree that it will be so over-publicized it will reach a point of exhaustion soon enough. :)

  2. Hello Bride to be,

    This wedding will be highly publicized this is a given. I would say, just focus on your special day and that is it !

    I have been reading through your blog the last week. I am a single woman just starting my process/move to London. Your blog as been very helpful as well as entertaining to read. I am a HR Professional by day and a Wedding/Event Planner by weekend :-).

    I plan on making a trip to London in the next month or so to get a lay of the land. I have'nt been since the late 90's. Where to live ? Work visa- How'd get one? maybe student visa ??? So, many questions...But so exciting.

    So, are you all settled? Are you happier in London vs WA?

    The newest 30's something single american girl moving to the UK ... ( Andrinique )

  3. You mean there's more of us? :) Hello Andrinique, I'm Gennifer, also a reader of this blog and also a 30-something single American girl planning a move overseas. I hope your plan is working out for you.

  4. Hello Gennifer,

    Wow, glad I am not the only one ;-)

    Were are you moving from ? I am in LA via NYC..Have you started the process? How's it going ? Are the Visa gods being kind to you.

  5. I'll add myself to the list. I too am a 30-something single female trying to immigrate to London. Last weekend, I read through every single entry on this blog. Kristina - as Anne of Green Gables would say - you are a kindred spirit. Thanks for the fantastic blog - perhaps I can buy you a coffee at Monmouth someday.

  6. LOL, ladies. There do seem to be a good bit of us here in London! For better or for worse. I haven't decided yet. :)
    @Mary, thank you for your kind words. If you make it across the pond, Monmouth is on me!
    @Andrique-my apologies for not replying to your comments. I thought I did, and it's only upon re-reading the comment string after Mary's post that I realize I did not.
    The visa requrements seem to change as often as I change my shoes, so other than saying...get one before moving-or at least be a good way thru the process (it can take a good 6-8 weeks at best...), I'd struggle to give much advice. At the high-level, a Tier 1 visa gives you free reign to work for anyone-just like a citizen-but the requirements are stringent, and have changed even just as recently as a few weeks ago (I think...). A Tier 2 visa means you *must* have a job here-and an employer willing to sponsor you. Beyond these two types, I don't know much. First Contact (not an endorsement, just one of the resources I'm aware of...) may be a good place to start in finding out some of the basic info. HMRC provides tons of info as well, but I personally think you need to understand what things are-and what you're looking for before even turning to the government website to learn more! :)
    Best of luck. Keep me posted, and let me know if you've any other questions I can (maybe..) answer!

  7. Hello ladies,
    @Kristina, do you have a link for "First Contact"? I tried to find them online. I've been using the UK Border Agency website this whole time and I'm wondering if maybe I'll get a better understanding with another website.:)

    @Andrinique, I am in Cleveland Ohio. I have started the process but it's going to be a long, painful one. I have about a year of school I need to complete before it's even worth it for me to try to get a visa. At this point the visa gods have not been good to me, hopefully the schooling will fix that! I hope your story is better ??

    @Mary, good luck to you as well!


  8. problem:

  9. The website was a great resource. I like that the the information was organized and easy to use, I found what I needed, thank you.

    I also have another information-favour to ask. I know you work and are planning a wedding so I appreciate any time you spend on this and understand if you can't.
    Other expats also welcome to comment! :)
    I'm sending out examples of my bi-weekly grocery lists to Londoners to be "analyzed" for cost and availability. The goal is to establish an average cost-per-month for groceries and to know in advance what I'm leaving behind and (hopefully) find a replacement for it.
    Any knowledge/opinions/costs/random thoughts on the following is greatly appreciated.

    biscuit dough (like American bread-type biscuits, not "cookies")
    1 can-diced tomatoes
    1 pkg. Velveeta 16 slices
    1 pkg. 12 hamburger buns
    4 pkgs. toilet paper, 4 rolls each
    plastic food storage containers
    one 5-pound bag of sugar
    2 pounds of coffee
    1 gallon of milk, approx. 4 litres
    1 pkg. bacon bits/crumbled bacon (like for salad)
    2 oz. pine nuts
    1 box Banquet-brand frozen fried chicken, 8 pieces
    1 quart of heavy whipping cream
    1 quart of olive oil
    3-pounds/48 ounces ground beef
    1 pound-16 ounces ground lamb
    1 ounce cinnamon
    1 ounce white pepper
    1 ounce paprika
    2 eggplant/aubergines
    1 ounce parsley
    1 pkg. pita bread (5 per pk.)
    3 ounces of loose orange tea
    2 ounces of white loose tea (I have my own bags, brew my own, blah blah)
    5 yellow potatoes
    2 bags of spinach leaves for salad
    6 Bosc pears
    1 sweet yellow onion
    8 ounces gorgonzola cheese
    8 ounces of baker's chocolate
    1/2 dozen brown eggs

    Again, thank you!