Saturday, November 13, 2010

Seen on the Tube

When I got on the tube this morning coming back from Borough Market, the lady that got on the car with me, sat her things down & proceeded to take a solo glove out of her pocket & put it on before grasping ahold of the hand-bar. It gave me cause for pause. 

There was a brief moment I thought she must be a bit of a germ-a-phobe/nutter.  Then I thought for another moment and realized that almost every time I get off the tube, I find myself rubbing my hands on my jeans-almost a bit obsessively.  And, I distinctly remember being happy about wearing gloves during the winter when getting on the tube.  Ironically, I think wearing my gloves may have been what helped to keep me healthier than normal this past winter-and it had nothing to do with keeping my hands warm!

OK.  She definately was not a nutter.  In fact, she may have been smartest person on the tube.

Pity I didn't get a picture.  But, the tube was crowded,  and I figure the loud 'click' my camera-phone would make me look like the nutter! :)


  1. It just doesn't bear thinking about does it? Over here we now have hand sanitizer dispensers that are motion-activated. You stick your hand underneath and a little dollop comes out. Only thing is, if you use the ordinary pump kind, you don't have to touch the top once the dollop has come out and you rubbed it on your hands anyway. A markerter's dream this germ phobia!

  2. Hi Kristina!
    I vote for her as smart. Don`t know if you saw any such thing while back in the States on your recent trip, but all the grocery stores in Seattle now have sani-wipe dispensers for you to clean the handles of grocery carts. At first I thought ewwww....then I thought going with out was REALLY euuuwww. Next target, television remote controls, which are apparently filthy in test situations...

  3. LOL ladies. I almost made a comment in my post along the lines of ' would be a good idea if TFL provided hand sanitizer dispensers along the platforms of the London tube.' but thought I'd be going too far.
    Guess I was wrong on that thought! :)