Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My New Fave BBC Program

The Tube on BBC2 has become my new favourite guilty pleasure of the season.

This 6-part documentary gives a true behind the scenes look at the London Underground -in all of it's glory and failure.  After watching the past 4 episodes, I'm almost sympathetic to TFL.  Not to the point of being happy with RMT strikes, mind you (and I still think Bob Crowe, the RMT  leader should eat poo and die), but enough to at least have a good bit of sympathy for all of the TFL front-line employees.

At the very least, it's a voyeuristic look into how the general London population behaves, and is worth watching just for that.

Guess this will have to hold me until the new season of Lambing Live! :)


  1. OKay, so here's some questions for you:

    When Tube staff go on strike, the bus staff do not, or is it both? Meaning that you can still take a bus to get around even when there is no Tube? Do the buses run in the same areas as the Tube, as in you can take one or the other? I'm assuming the Tube is much faster, though.
    What was it that you saw in the documentary that makes you almost sympathetic to the staff?
    How is the Tube and buses with being packed, or having crazy people on them? In Cleveland, most of the truly crazy folks come out at night, so bus/train travel isn't as safe as during the day, and of course it depends on what neighbourhoods you're traveling through. And most of the time when I'm on the bus, there's enough seats available that I can take up two seats, one for me, one for my bags. Do you end up standing a lot, or is there room to breathe, maybe pull out a book and read while you're traveling?

  2. I just finished the series, thank you for sharing! Lots of good info!