Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lambing Live

You know you've been in England too long, when the following happens:  On BBC2 each night this week-and this week only-is a show called 'Lambing Live.'  The show is following a farming family in Wales this week as their ewes give birth to the spring lambs (lambing), and sometimes live on the program.

Now, the first time I stumbled across the show on Monday, I watched for 20 minutes, and thought...ok.  Definitely not something I'd see in the States.  Tuesday at 8pm came, and as I was looking at the program guide, I thought....ok.  maybe worth watching again.  No live births on Monday, maybe something tonite.  And, the little lambs were cute.

But, last night takes the cake:  I actually made a point of going to BBC2 at 8pm to watch the show again!

I have definitely been in England too long.  I'd love to embed a video in my blog to show, but I don't konw how to do that (if anyone knows how, please let me know!)  So, I'll just have to go old school with a link:


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    I'm from and we'd like to ask you things like, what things do you enjoy doing, how you adjusted to the UK, what your experience has been like, what advice you have for other Americans moving to the UK and so forth. We'd also like to publish any photos that you may want to share.

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  2. Rats! iPlayer won't let me watch it:-(
    Surely there must be a market for a show like that on one of the bazillions of cable channels in the US?
    I used to like watching One Man and His Dog. Can't find it on You Tube, but this is a close equivalent.

  3. Hey lady! Been reading your posts cause I'm searching for some info...
    I've been offered a job in the UK by my current employer. Hoping for the expat package, rather than local hire. Was wondering if you had an update on those numbers/expenses? I think the last I saw was 08. Curious, as I should be receiving an official offer next week and want to be prepared to negotiate!! Thanks darlin! Boston chick

  4. I thought I was the only one in all of England watching this! Last night when the little lambs were born I was riveted. Have you watched Country Home Rescue - another fabulous show. I finally arrived a month ago - we should go and have a drink!