Friday, March 12, 2010


I swear, this is the week of revelations!...

While getting my last dose of Lambing Live last nite, there was a montage of lambs and sheep in different settings around the UK:  the coast (did you know that there's a type of sheep that lives off of *seaweed*?!?!?), mountains, rolling hills, etc...And, while I was watching, there were several scenes that made me think to myself, 'wow. that looks great!  i'd really love to go there one weekend.'  And, that's when it hit me:  popping away for the weekend here in the UK is totally possible-and in particular, with all of the food/cooking/lambing...programs that are on TV here, it seems like I've seen more of this country than the US-and am more familiar with where-and *how* food is sourced here than in the US.

I mean, I *know* that potatos come from Idaho, but it would probably take 10 hours (at best?..) to drive there from Seattle and find a potato farm.  The UK?  I could probably be on a farm in less than 3 hours.  And, there's something I find comforting about that; the proximity itself is definitely a good thing-I am most definitely a fan of buying local.  But, beyond the actual proximity, is the knowledge that I'm gaining by learning about where the food is sourced from.  Good stuff.


  1. random question - just wondering, how did you get a job?

  2. also, sorry that you don't know... I'm just graduating from college soon and itching to leave the U.S. by any means necessary

  3. Ashley - go to grad school in the UK! Most programs only last a year, and are much cheaper than US grad programs. (Plus, once you have a degree from a UK school it will be easier to get a work visa.)