Friday, March 19, 2010

It's Bright in Brighton

I spent a day puttering around Brighton last week, and it was a glorious day.  It's surprising at how busy Brighton was in March in the middle of the week; I can only imagine that summer weekends must be insane!

Brighton is easily explored in one day on foot.  And, like Cardiff, small indy boutiques rule the roost-particularly in the North Laine part of the town.  Fun, fun.

I arrived in time to meander thru town and do a swing by Brighton Dome and the Royal Pavillion.  It was so beautful ouside that I opted not to go in either, and instead just walked around-and then sat outside just to enjoy the fresh air. 

But, it was still chilly ouside, so I had to get a moveon, so I headed  down to the shore-front, where I wandered the pier for a bit, then decided to try to find Terre a Terre-a local veg restaurant for lunch.  Found-and OMG.  I had their faux fish and chips.  The 'fish' was battered and fried halloumi, and was accompanied by chips, lovely minted peas-topped with two vodka infused tomatoes, and their own tartar sauce.  Honestly, everything was delicious-and so plentiful that the chips weren't even needed!  Sadly, the picture doesn't even do it justice.

After lunch, I popped next door to Scoop & Crumb, the local ice cream parlor for dessert, and then spent the rest of the afternoon wandering from shop to shop, and just generally enjoying being outside.

A few things were closed, as it is still off season, so I finished playing tourist a few hours earlier than I'd planned, so I simply hopped an earlier train home.  Honestly, I knew  Brighton was close, but a 45 minute train ride goes by in a flash.  That's one place I may have to pop back down to one weekend-just for another another lovely lunch at Terre a Terre!

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  1. Cool! Sounds like a great escape from London. We'll have to add it to our list of places to go.