Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Responding to a few Comments

My crap laptop settings won't allow me to respond to comments the past few days, so I guess there's no other way to do this...

@Ashley Edwards (re: comments on Proximity): I transferred over with my US company who had an outpost here in the UK.  18-24 months ago, I would have said: pack your bags and come on over!  You're young and will have 3 months to find a job.  Piece of cake!  Now?  Not so much.  General economy woes aside (which make it challenging even for Brits to find jobs...), the UK government is making it more difficult for expats to get working visas.  Not *impossible*, just *more difficult.*  So, I'd strongly encourage you to do your legwork/networking on the US side of the pond before coming over.  And, in a perfect world, you'll have some Very Strong leads before coming over.  Obviously this will be more difficult, but the expense of living here without a job-and with it being as hard as it is...not worth the risk.  Totally my $.02.

@Boston chick (re: comments on Lambing Live):  In truth, not much about my expenses has changed since my last post.  I've moved in with my BF to a cheaper flat ('just' £560/week now v the £730 in the old flat), and have tweaked a few montly bills-ie cheaper monthly mobile phone contract and killed the landline/internet in favor of Skype and a PAYG monthly mobile broadband connection, but that's about it.  All told, I'm probably spending about £360/month less than.  Well, actually, I guess that is a big difference...

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