Monday, November 18, 2013

Finding My Voice

Simply put, I've not been very active on my blog for the past year-effectively, since I returned to the US.  Which, considering the premise of my blog ('an expat in London'....), makes sense.  I loved writing my blog when I was in London, but since moving back, didn't feel like I had much of a voice any longer-or at least a voice that would be true to the nature of my blog.'s dawned on me over the past several months how different my life is now because I was "an expat in London."  Without stating the obvious, I would have never met Simon, and the hundreds of thousands of moments that have happened in my life with and because of him would never have been.  I've had a true 'Sliding Doors' epiphany.  While it seems like these moments would be less and less after returning to the US, the reality is-they aren't.  The experiences we have had this past year (more on that in the upcoming weeks...), and even just today continue to remind me every day just how different my life is because of my life in London-and because of Simon.  And, I want to capture this sentiment while I remember.

So, I have decided to pick up my blog again.  The first few posts will be more detail on what I alluded to above.  Some posts may be mundane (oh the joys of getting Simon a bank account...).  Some posts will talk about what is truly life altering (his 10-year Green Card application is now a work in process. yikes).

But, at the least, I will try to continue to be true to the original purpose of my blog:  what life is like due to me being an Expat in London.  Admittedly, the blog will now be a bit of a "PS", but I think I still have something to say.  If for no other reason then selfishly, when I am 80-and can barely remember if I took my bran tablets in the morning-I'll have this blog to remind me of these experiences.

So, for those of you that by some miracle continue to stumble upon my blog anew...and if there is anyone still out there who may still have me in your reader...stay tuned-and thanks for stopping by.


  1. There are many "PS" things to write about. In fact, the farther away you get from London (metaphorically speaking) the more interesting your observations will be. And ditto for the USA. I look forward to reading.

  2. I'm still reading! The plan is for me to move to London in January so I'll be watching for those "PS" nuggets of info to help me along my own expat journey. Keep em coming doll!

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  4. Hi there! I'm also a fellow expat from london. I'm just curious to know if you continued expressing your voice in a different way now that you are back? instead of blogging, are you writing more elsewhere? or has life simply taken over. i realize there is a slim chance of getting to you, but thought i would give it a shot.

    1. Hi Renu, Apologies for my delayed response-which, in some way likely answers your questions. I will blog again someday-I've no doubt, I just need to find something I can be passionate about, and that would make for an interesting topic.
      Thanks for stopping by-I do apprecitte it!