Thursday, February 21, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

I can't believe the dumb luck, but I think we (my soon to be roomie, Sarah-more on her later...) may have found a place to live! My goal was to get a sense of what we 'could' have, and instead, I'm walking away from the trip with what we 'will' have. I hope. Phew!

I've been in London this week, and spent Wednesday and today searching for flats. Sarah was able to join for yesterday, and then I had a go at it solo today. Yesterday was the 'lower' end of our price range, and honestly, most of the places made me sad. We saw 10-12, and of all of those, only one strong contender (though it wasn't bad, it's not as *awesome* as what I think we'll get). Most places had a 2nd BR that really wasn't more than a closet, only one Bathroom, were just too small, or just 'off.' I wasn't dejected, or even concerned, but was really just hoping that today would be different.

It was.

Today was the 'higher end' of our price range, and the very first place I saw this morning ended up being the one that we got. It's huge (by US and UK standards), only 7 minutes walk to Paddington, has 3 BR-two of which are great sized, a huge, modern kitchen, and is generally a great property. Oh, and there's a rooftop area as well. We'd call it a townhome in the US, but here it's called a house. It's a few pounds out of the pricerange, but is absolutely perfect, so we're going to suck it up. How much, you might ask? £735 a week. Yes. Ouch. Don't do the math to convert to dollars per month, or you'll cry.

But, it is stunning. Here are a few pics. I've more that I'll upload from my camera when I can, but in the interim:

And the best part of all, is that it's located on a "mews." Right. I didn't know what a "mews" was until yesterday either! In general, it's the back alley behind the really big, nice houses that used to be where the servants' quarters and stables would be kept. In addition, falcons were kept there as well, and apparently, when they shed their feathers, this was called "mewsing", hence mews. Is that not quinticential British or what?!? The best part of this 'flat', is that though the inside is updated and fairly modern, the outside looks like what most of us think a British building would like like.

I'm in love!

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