Friday, February 29, 2008

A Small Detail

A few folks have asked me how this move all came about-a small detail I overlooked in my initial post-and one, that unless you've seen me personally in the last month or two, likely didn't get communicated. Sorry about that!

So, here's what happened...

My old supervisor approached me in late October and basically told me, "We've been trying to fill this UK position and are having no luck finding a good candidate. I know you have expressed interest in working abroad, and we think you'd be good at this. Are you interested?"

Yep. It really was as simple as that.

So, I am transferring with Amazon to assume the UK Search Marketing Manager position (a step up from my current role), and will focus half my time on Search Engine Marketing and half my time on Search Engine Optomization. Or really, 100% of my time on SEM and 100% of my time on SEO. It seems like this position could easily be filled by two people already!

So there yo have it.

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