Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Successful 24 Hours!

Whew! What a whirlwind 24 hours...For some crazy reason, everything has gone off without any problems-and if anything has been tons easier than I even imagined. I don't know where my luck has come from, but I'll take it!

To wit:

-British Airways didn't charge me for the extra luggage and the three pieces that weighed a combined 80 kg (that's ~160 pounds. seriously!) that I checked on my flight over.
-I was able to score a vegetarian meal for the flight over. A small victory for my tastebuds.
-Even with two bulging suitcases and a box stuffed full, a backpack, and a huge purse, I didn't get stopped by customs and searched. I don't think I had anything that was illeagl, but the hassle would have been a pain.
-My ATM card is working! So, I was able to take cash out and take an exhorbitantly expensive Black Cab from Heathrow to Corp housing. It was £52, but I reference the 160 pounds and three pieces I would have had to have struggled with otherwise...
-Food shopping on Sunday was fun, convenient (most things I bought at the Sainsburys at Paddington Station-a 3 minute walk from my flat), and not as expensive as I had thought-£24 for a good amount of basics. The curse was then having to tote it back home!
-A fluke in that the T-Mobile store I went to this morning didn't open on time: I had time to stroll the shops on Queensway Rd and easily pick up a Hairdryer (Boots. yea!), French Press, and Space Heater. Things I was going to buy anyhow, but I figured I'd have to trek to a different part of town to do so. Easy peasy.
-The T-Mobile guy was so nice, that he gave me my new SIM card for free (saved £15)! "Technically", I have my London number now, but I can't apply for an actual contract with T-Mobile yet until I have a bank account-which will come later this week.
-I've updated my Telegraph Dating profile, and a cutie has already been spied. We'll see. Dating in general will be a seperate post altogether later this week-hopefully, I'll have something to report!!

Woo hoo. Let's hope the next 24 hours are as good as this!

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