Sunday, March 2, 2008

Crazy Things I've Heard

A list that I'll keep a running tally of (see: Stupid Things I've Said for the flip side) over my time here of all the crazy things I'll hear-a new word, phrase, or whatever that I would likely never hear in the states..

So far...
1. That Barack is one crazy guy (my cab driver on my way from Heathrow to home on my first day)
2. Do I like ale? Though admittedly, it's only crazy if you don't know how much beer I drink...
3. I need an American! (said when someone was confronted with a large side by side stainless steel refrigerator-WITH ice dispenser. very, very rare here)
4. It will cost another 70p (said to me after charging over £700 at Ikea-it's their credit card service charge....) . At this stage, does another £.70 really matter?!?
5. You like to drink a bit don't you? (Said to me by a Scott. I think I have a drinking problem...)
6. You are a delicate flower (said to me by Simon-in all seriousness-when I was protesting him taking the train in the opposite direction of his stop just to see me back to my stop)

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