Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Date Update

For all you enquiring minds..

Second date in London was also successful. We met at 3p on Monday (gotta love those bank holidays), for what was suppposed to simply be drinks and maybe a nibble. Well...8 hours later, I finally jumped into bed (alone. minds out of gutters, please...). Drinks and a nibble turned into drinks and a nibble and drinks and dinner. Good fun, but I had way too much to drink for a school nite.

There will be a third date on Saturday...These Londoners take this dating thing very seriously!

But, to all my single lady friends back home. A few observations: British men are huge gentlemen! They open doors for you, wait for you to order first, hold your hand when crossing busy streets, and put up a huge fight when you try to pay for anything on the date. It's really too good to be true...All you guys back in the US had better take note!


  1. i'm offended by your comments about american men. have you forgotten what it was like to live in the south?

  2. gd, that remark was specifically for you!
    you should know though, I've said to many that the polite British male manners remind me of the southern boys!...