Saturday, March 8, 2008

My First Holiday Booked!

Edinburgh, Scotland-here I come!

We get a four day holiday here in two weeks for Easter. Yep. Four days. Crazy, I know.

And, I couldn't just let this opportunity go to waste. So, I decided to book a trip. Opting for cheap-since it's a major travel holiday and I'm waiting until 2 weeks out to boook, my choices were limited. But, when I say 'cheap', I mean under a £100 for a round trip ticket. So, I'm going to Edinburgh. Price? £65. And half of that is tax. Crazy.

Can't. Wait.


  1. hello there,

    thanks for writing your blogg. i just sent you an email for edinburgh. you HAVE to plan to go there for new years. one of the biggest party on earh and a lot of guys in kilts... ;-)

    have fun i my second most favorite cities on earth (after munich and i have to say before seattle)... :-)

  2. You will LOVE Edinburgh! I`m looking forward to your report--the kilted men are wonderful even if you can`t understand a word they say. It`s a very fun city so eat your Wheaties and rub your feet.

  3. oy, yes. Edinburgh was FANTASTIC. One of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen-it actually reminded me of Seattle a bit with the hills and water. But, holy moly, it was soooo cold!