Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Great Tea Debate

I couldn't ask for a more British post than this..

The past 30 minutes at work have consisted of my co-workers (who sit near me) debating the merits of tea. How long could that really take, you ask? Well, there's much to consider here...

Typhoon tea (popular brand here...) versus Earl Grey versus Pickwick (the brand in the breakroom). Add to that the proper water temperature (hot versus hot, hot) and preparation method (tea kettle, versus tap that's been microwaved versus the hot selection from the filtered water bottle in the kitchen), and we have ourselves a full blown debate!

The verdict? Typhoon that is hot (not hot, hot) made with the filtered hot water. Why?...At
£1.10 and 50 tea bags, Tyhpoon is cheapest. Hot, hot, is too hot for most people. And the kettle is scary now with all of the sediment that's built up in it over the years-and no true English person would ever think of heating water in the microwave for a proper cup of tea!

In case you ever wonder...

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