Monday, March 31, 2008

A Perfect Sunday

Yesterday was my first Sunday I didn't spend scurrying around London shopping or playing tourist. Instead, I did the thing that makes me feel most normal and settled when in a new city: I played softball.

A co-worker at Amazon (who just moved over 10 days ago from Seattle) found a league, and I joined him yesterday for what I thought was supposed to be a light practice and scrimmage. Well, four hours later...we had a practice in which there were drills, and we played a double-header scrimmage. But, the weather yesterday was unbelieveable: so warm, I was comfortable in long gym pants and a long T-shirt. yea! Spring is officially here. I hope...

The team is quite diverse (as apparently all of the softball teams here are): half Aussie, not quite half American, and an odd Brit or other European or two thrown in for good measure. Apparently, softball is a HUGE sport in Australia-especially women's fast pitch. This I learned yesterday.

It's a pretty hard core group of people in terms of their dedication & love of the sport. But, I feel like I'll be able to keep pace and contribute-and perhaps even return to the US with some new skillz. And, the best part: It's a fun group. We had a bbq at someone's house after the game yesterday, and I just had a blast. It felt good to simply be hanging out in someone's home with a beer and a burger, and talking about whatever.

Softball has never let me down: It's how I found friends in Atlanta when I moved there and didn't know anyone. It's how I found friends in Seattle when I moved there as well & didn't know a soul. If yesterday is any indication, it will also be how I find friends here.

It was a good Sunday.


  1. Hi Kristina!
    I've just stumbled across your blog and it's been really informative and entertaining at the same time. I'm from Seattle too and actually planning a move to the UK this summer. I like this post a lot as I've played softball all my life and when I was in the UK last summer, I had an absolute blast playing with the Brits. I don't have a blog set up at the moment but I'm sure that I'll get one started as all the expat blogs I've been reading lately have made me want to share my experience too.
    Thanks for sharing yours!

  2. Hi there!

    Stumbled on your blog just now and got lost in all your posts for the last hour, oops - it is 3am now here in London.

    Thanks for the griping about specific things, it has made me feel like I am not a gigantic, bitter, Ameri-centric fool! Am a Californian here in the big smoke and it is just rolling up to 6 years now. I call east London my spot, as it reminds me the most of SF and the bay, but there are still daily encounters that drive me up WALL! Thanks again for the good read and sympathetic posts from years before. xG

    1. Hi Grace,
      Thanks for stopping by. I just re-read the entry you commented, that feels like a lifetime ago!

      6 years? Whew. I've been back to London on business twice since moving back to the US-and as much as I miss my lifestyle in London, I think I am genuinely happy to be back in the States where life is simpler and easier. :)
      Good luck to you!