Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Next Travel Destination: Porto, Portugal

I'll be heading to Porto (or Port, as we Americans know it...) the weekend of April 25.

I'm beginning to sense a theme: Whiskey in Edinburgh. Port wine in Porto. I think Champagne in France should be next, followed by beer in Munich! Any other suggestions?...

Oh, and Edinburgh was fantastic. Coldest I've been in a while, but otherwise, I loved it. It's very picturesque-reminds me a lot of Seattle-mountains and very hilly, sits on a port, so it's surrounded by water. Friendly people, much cheaper than London. Oh, and the whiskey certainly didn't hurt either. :)

For you whiskey drinkers (and non-drinkers-of which I primarily am), you should try to find a single malt blend (yes, you heard me right...) called Monkey Shoulder. yum. Burns the gums long after going down!

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