Thursday, April 10, 2008

The London Diet

Holy crap! I've lost 7 pounds! And, given the *utter junk* I've been putting in my body-more chips, cookies, chocolates, and soda in the past 6 weeks than in the past year for sure, I'm stunned!

But, when I hopped on the scale at the gym lat nite (FINALLY got a membership), my weight in both kilograms and stone (14 pounds equals one stone, btw...), I confirmed with the calculator this morning that I have indeed lost more weight. This is like, 17 pounds in 4 months. Crazy.

I'm sure that the 10 minute walk to the train, 10 minute walk to work, and doing this all in reverse every day-plus just general walking around, has certainly kept me from gaining weight, but I never thought I'd loose.

7 pounds lost AND I'm eating what I want?!? I may never come back to the US.

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