Monday, February 4, 2008

"See you in London"

Talk about your surreal moments...

I went home to The Metropolis (aka Hickory, NC-my hometown) this weekend for one last visit with my dad & a few friends before I head across the pond in a few weeks.

Saying goodbye to my bff, Scott (that's a guy for those of you who didn't know) really took on a surreal moment on Saturday afternoon as I was driving away from his parent's house. I rolled down the window and yelled, "See you in London.!" This was weird for a few reasons...One, I know it to be true and two, until this weekend, it's not exactly every day when I say to folks 'see you in London' -true or otherwise.

Of course the flip side of spouting this exciting phrase to Scott-architecht extrordinare with Duda Paine in Raleigh (, was that when I said the same thing to my dad when I said goodbye on Sunday, I completely knew it to not be true. It breaks my heart to know that he won't (read: NOT can't) do this. For himself. For me. Doesn't matter. He won't.

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