Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The House is Officially Warmed

Sarah & I had our house warming party Saturday nite. It's safe to say, I now know I can easily fit 20-30 people on the 2nd floor living area without any problems. Hopefully, once the weather warms up (is it just me, or does it suck to have to say that in the middle of June?!?), we'll be able to have another gathering and take advantage of the rooftop. Preferrably with a grill!

Saturday was good fun. Yummy food (especially the Neal's Yard Cheese. I know Beechers imports it. Check it out!), good beer selection, and the Wii was great entertainment. Fun folks too! After meeting so many people in a one-off manner over the last several months, it was surprising to see just how many new friends I have-now that they were all standing in one place! I'm a lucky girl.

The one oddity of the evening? Due to the tube closing around midnight, most folks were gone by 12.30 (they were walking/biking home), and we were basically cleaned up by 1a. Crazy. Seems like this is the time when most house parties are just getting out of control in the US. :) Though, I don't think I'm complaining. Just an observation that makes me go, 'hm.'

I'll test the theory again this Saturday, as I have a house party to *attend.* We'll see!

This is Paul-he's Scott's (my bff) younger brother. Doesn't he look cute?...He was in London on business and was able to come to the party as well.

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