Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Today is THE DAY

I've been waiting for this day for FOUR YEARS (well, more like 8, but who's counting?!?)...

If everything goes according to plan, this time tomorrow, I should be blogging about the new Democratic President of the United States. Dream of dreams.

I'm going to a MeetUp event this evening in London for US Expats to watch elections returns until the wee hours...http://www.meetup.com/americansabroad/calendar/8875408/

Normally, I avoid mass-US gatherings/celebrations (July 4th, Thanksgiving, Elections...) when I'm out of the country like the plague-it seems like we're just sitting ducks and not the most loved country in the world. But, for tonite, I'll make the exception. Hopefully, there will be safety in numbers-and if anyone has half a brain, they'll realize that probably 90% of the people gathering are pro-Obama (ie anti-Bush)...;)

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