Friday, November 7, 2008

Two Miracles in One Week!

First Obama is elected, and now this?!? I don't think I can take many more good things like this happening to me!!!...

I've been provisionally approved for a credit card! WOO! I guess I should explain why this is such a big deal..I already have one UK credit card, but I get nothing from it-no points/cash back/anything. Coming from the US where, not having a card with benefits seems like an aberration, I've been keen on getting one as soon as possible.

Problem: I've only lived here 9 months. I had heard a rumour when I arrived that after 3 months, it was possible. So, I applied. And was quickly rejected-for not having enough credit history/job history/living history in the UK. Alrighty. Though I was anxious to get a card, I also had to be mindful of having my credit report hit too many times (also considered a risk indicator here just like in the US), so I decided I'd give it another go at the 9 month mark-surely two hits in 9 months wouldn't be that bad?

Well, apparently not; I got a letter from Barclays yesterday requesting a few bits of information to verify my address, and hopefully that means that in just a few short weeks, I'll be earning cash back on my purchases! So long NatWest crap card, hello cash back rewards!

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