Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turkey Troubles

This isn't exactly a topic I thouhght I'd be blogging about, but here goes..

My flatmate, Sarah & I are hosting folks at our place for Thanksgiving this Friday (Americans and Brits alike), and it's taken weeks of effort to get the turkey sorted out. Apparently, turkey is only consumed at Christmas here, so it's taken a while to find a place that is selling them now. And, finding a bird big enough to feed 12 (we're assuming 10kg), has also been a challenge. Silly Americans and their portion control... :)
Also, 'free range' is quite the rage here-which is fine, if that didn't mean that a 10 kilo turkey wasn't going to cost over £100 (SERIOUSLY), so it's also taken effort to find a place that didn't mind selling a large, hormone filled bird. It was really only yesterday that we finally managed to find a place.

Then there's the cooking of said bird. Our oven isn't big enough to handle anything over 5 kilo, so if we went the pre-cooked route (even non-free range), we were looking at over £80-and we'd have to transport the poor thing back to our place! Yeesh. Luckily, our friend (and fellow American/Amazonian expat) Justyn has an 'American size' oven in his flat, and likes to cook.

Whew. All this effort, and the day to celebrate isn't even here yet. I think next year, I'll just do like everyone else and go out to eat!

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